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 Reusable Cloth Pads... a fresh choice for you and our planet

saving the planet 

saving your pocket

All Kinds of Women, All Kinds of Need

Reusable cloth pads are for all kinds of 'flow' and 'leaks'. Some women need them monthly, some women need them daily.   Women with heavy or light monthly flow, and women with light 'coughs and sneezes' type leaks have turned to using fabric pads, for the protection and comfort they have been looking for.


sanitary pads for women
reusable pads for light incontinence
pads for girls

Reusable pads are natural and easy 

It is ridiculously easy to swap from crinkly single use plastic pads

to soft natural bamboo reusable cloth pads.

You've got plenty to do, places to go and people to see...

you don't need to be spending  time worrying about

what you are leaving behind.

Washable pads leave a minimal footprint

compared to their disposable cousins,

and save you $, for the fun things in life.

Why other women have made the switch...

 Some women need reusable pads because they have had enough of the infections that follow their use of single use pads. Reusable bamboo pads 'breathe', and are naturally antibacterial so they reduce the likelihood of these nasty irritating infections.  

Some women want to get away from the chemicals used in making throw away pads.  Others want to be able to forget about that awful smell that builds up in disposable pads.   Natural bamboo, hemp and cotton fabrics in reusable pads dramatically reduce odours. 

Many women want to save both the environment and their savings.  Throw away pads amount to an enormous amount of plastic.  Reusable cloth pads are good for 3- 5 years, saving you plenty of dollars. 

Reusable bamboo cloth pads just make so much sense, and bring the freedom you deserve, so you can get on with your day, your way.  

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